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ImaginEeri ("imaginary"). 25. East coast cosplayer originally from CA. Aspiring costume designer, attending MassArt for fashion design. Pronouns ey/em/eir.

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SUPER QUICK:  Basic Cosplay Makeup for Beginner Cosplayers

I get this question a lot— So this is just a quick introduction to what I do for Cosplay Makeup!

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im going to be honest guys. the cosplayingwhileblack tumblr is stupid.  it’s perfectly okay what your race, height, size, shape, etc is. but come on. making a tumblr cosplay blog only to showcase cosplayers of a single race? why not just have a cosplaying blog that can appreciate all races?

Why do you question having ‘a’ cosplay blog that appreciate all races, instead of wondering why cosplay blogs in general aren’t more inclusive in the first place?

I see so many complaints like this and I agree. This blog shouldn’t have to exist but it does because despite so much talk about cosplay positiveness and unity I’m still seeing loads of blogs and sites that only seems to want to portray fair-skinned and thin cosplayers, of course their are the few that throw in a plus-size, dark-skinned, or non-able bodied cosplayer every now and then for a shield of diversity.

Like really, with the amount of only White and Asian cosplayers blogs that exist and you only have something to say about the one blog that showcase black cosplayers???

This blog and blogs similar to it were created as a direct result of being excluded and yet ya’ll keep pounding on our doors and asking us to let you in.

No one should have to make a cosplay blog that appreciate all races, cosplay blogs should already be pass this point and until they do get on that level blogs like mines are going to keep on existing.

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When you go to a convention in the first costume you ever make yourself, there will be a 100% chance of a more experienced cosplayer in the same cosplay. And you will want to throw yours away. Don’t do it.

 Seerofsarcasm Cosplay (via cosplayinamerica)

Having fun should, I hope, be the first priority of your cosplay. Part of having fun is being confident in and comfortable with how you look. Cosplay is a big confidence booster for a lot of us, and if modifying a costume to be more modest to suit your comfort levels is what helps you to reach that goal of confidence and having fun? Do it. More power to you.

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Every time someone asks me for a tutorial I’m just gonna send this photo, because it’s the truth


Every time someone asks me for a tutorial I’m just gonna send this photo, because it’s the truth


Costuming: the search for balance between accuracy, expediency, originality, expense, comfort, elegance and oh god the con is in a week where is the hot glue

Decided to do a really quick Poison Ivy make-up and wig test cause I was in need of a confidence boost tonight! Sorry for the crappy lighting. I want to add more volume to this wig and hopefully have more make-up—specifically green makeup to make my skin green.

I am 100% happy with my costume and would not change a single thing!

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Selling Wig to Support Friend


My friend  has recently lost her job, and is on the verge of becoming homeless, so I’m selling a spare cosplay wig to support her.  YAY WIGS!

(For more details on her campaign, visit here: 

I’m selling an UNOPENED Epic Cosplay wig, Persephone in Anime Blue. (Style 09). I’ve included a (bad) camera phone photo as proof of the spare’s unopened state, and a prettier one from Epic Cosplay.  

I don’t think there are many left in this style?

Amazon is selling this bad boy for $45, but I’m selling it for $35 + shipping. 

It’s 40 inches long, heat resistant, and frizz/tangle free. 

All proceeds go towards  Tamika’s gofundme. 

PM me for details! 



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